10 About Pages on Hashnode to Blow Your Mind

10 About Pages on Hashnode to Blow Your Mind

Hello everyone! Hope the weekend was great! It's been a few days since the Hashnode Bootcamp ended. I published the article Creating an About page on Hashnode, which I am glad that a lot of you found helpful.

So I was curious how was everyone's About pages coming along, and I was pleasantly surprised to see such amazing ones have already been made or being made!

In this article, I'd like to share some awesome About pages that really impressed me (in no particular order).

1. Dinys Monvoisin

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. And it's true. Dinys' page looks very attractive with the colourful picture.


I like how the picture includes his tech stack, hobbies, interest and profile picture. Pretty much a good summary about himself. Of course, his written sections are also well done, concise and a fun to read.

See his About page here.

2. Brenda Michelle

Another great example of a picture that captures a visitor's attention to your page immediately. In addition to the picture, Brenda's page also include 2 simple paragraphs where she introduces herself to the community! Simply awesome!


I also really like how she has a favicon on her blog, which is seen on the tab when you visit her blog. She really customizes it and made it her own website.


Check out her page here.

3. Chris Bongers

Chris' blog also includes his famous logo as the favicon. It's so cute when it's tiny!


His entire blog is a fantastic example of showcasing your blog as a part of your brand. He uses his logos everywhere, you know it Daily Dev Tips the moment you visit it!


His About page, specifically, is a great read. It is easy to read the point forms and paragraphs are descriptive but concise.

Have a look at his page here.

4. Kafilat Abdulwahab

When I first saw Kafee's page, I was already thinking how amazing this is. I love how her picture is animated and also, the clock's color matches her blog header's color. It feels so put together and satisfying to look at.


Also, the custom logo on the top left is amazing and I like how she introduces herself with an explanation on how to pronounce her name. It really feels unique.

Check out her About page here.

5. Anita Ihuman

Here's another great example I like! Anita's custom logo matches her colour scheme well and the photo is a delight to see.


The written content is one of the most well-written I've read. It feels welcoming, fun and a great introduction about herself.

Feel free to see her page here.

6. Ameen

Minimalistic, simple and well put together elements can create an About page like Ameen's. He creatively uses his background as a developer to include a picture about himself in code.


He keeps his written portion short, organized and readable. Love it!

See his page here.

7. Pankaj Sanam

This is another incredible About page. The information is well-written and visitors can learn a lot about Pankaj beyond his developer and writer side.


It feels very authentic and friendly. I love how he also shared his story on how he got into web development, his achievements and fun random facts.

Thanks for sharing this awesome page!

8. John Agbanusi

Just like Pankaj, John's page is filled with interesting information about himself. He shares his interests, tech stack and provides contact information for visitors to reach out to him.


His writing style is simple yet engaging and a delight to read.

Without a doubt, an amazing page!

9. Emem Moses Ekong

A great About page can be as simple as Emem's too. A pretty picture, a short introduction in point form and contact information.


Having a nice picture of yourself is always good because people like to put a face on your name. It just makes you more memorable and unique as well.

Check out her simple and effective page here.

10. Sharon Jebitok

Last but definitely not least, we have Sharon's page. At a glance, her picture really stands out, summarizing her occupation, tech stack and location.


Next, her written portions are incredibly detailed and straight forward. It makes it fast to read and simple to understand. Well done!

Feel free to visit her page here.

That's all for now!

Thanks for checking out these amazing blogs and reading this article. I hope you can get inspired from them and create a great About page for your blog too!

If you are not sure how to get started, please check out my Creating an About page on Hashnode as a guide.

I can't wait to see more new bloggers sharing their About pages on Hashnode. If you have created one, feel free to share it in the comments. Thanks and cheers!

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