5 Reasons Why Blogging May Not Be For You

5 Reasons Why Blogging May Not Be For You

Blogging can be a great medium to create your own content and build your audience but is it really the right one for you?

I am a strong advocate for blogging, especially in the world of tech. As highlighted in my Why Should Every Developer Start Blogging article, there are many tangible and intangible benefits that blogging can bring.

And it's easy to point out these benefits such as "it builds your personal brand..." or "it opens many opportunities for you..." but how many bloggers actually put in the time and effort to reach that?

Short answer is: Not many. Unfortunately.

So before starting a blog, you may want to consider whether this is the path for you or not.


Hello everyone! Welcome to another article on Victoria's Blogging Tips, a series dedicated to help new bloggers overcome common challenges in blogging.

In this article, I'm going to address a question which many of you have asked me: How do I know if blogging is for me? Here are 5 reasons blogging may not be for you.

1. You are not ready to commit

Blogging is a huge commitment - at least if you want to reach a level where you can successfully build a personal brand from. If you see blogging simply as a hobby, then that's fine too (but this article focuses on blogging seriously).

So if you want blogging to become your platform, your voice and your community, then before jumping right into publishing articles, you may want to consider whether you are ready to commit.

For a while now, I've told a lot of my readers not to hesitate and just start blogging - but that's not entirely accurate. I should have told them more specifically that they can start only if they plan on blogging for a long time and are willing to allocate their time for that.


Many readers have told me how it's difficult for them to keep blogging due to various reasons. I believe whatever reason you may have, it is valid because you have your own priorities.

If you cannot afford the time to write and publish consistently, then perhaps blogging is not for you.

2. You are not a fan of writing

This is pretty obvious, but blogging requires writing skills and a love for writing. As a blogger, you're literally providing content through writing, through words.

If you dislike sitting on your desk, typing out words and writing articles, then blogging may not be for you. Another medium may suit you better, such as video or audio.

If you do like to write but you think your writing skills are not yet honed, then check out my Why You Don't Have to be Good at English to Start a Tech Blog article. Unlike narrative writing, technical writing is more straightforward and does not require an extensive vocabulary.

However, articulating complex technical concepts to an audience does require practice. Please feel free to check out my Blogging Tips Series, which contains some useful articles on getting started with technical blogging/writing, such as:

3. You are not really a reader

Most successful bloggers I know love reading. They love reading other blogs and learning from various blogging communities. Staying curious is essential to keeping your blog content fresh.

In my article, My Top 6 Strategies to Overcome Writer's Block, I mentioned one of the ways to overcome writer's block is to read more.

By reading more and gaining perspectives from different bloggers, you can brainstorm new ideas for your articles, develop your writing style and skills, and stay updated to blogging trends/topics.

Being a frequent reader also allows you to put yourself objectively in your readers' shoes. If you receive feedback on your writing, you will be able to understand which aspects of your writing needs improvement.

If you are not much of a reader, it is unlikely you will be able to connect and engage with other readers or bloggers. Instead of blogging, you might want to consider creating content through videos or podcasts.

4. You prefer to consume than to create

Readers are consumers. They consume content. While in the previous point, I mentioned how it's important to be a reader to grow as a blogger, there has to be a balance between consuming and creating content.

A lot of my readers have expressed how interested they are in starting a blog after consuming a lot of written content. Even though they started, they find it difficult to stay consistent in writing and publishing.

Most don't realize how different consuming and creating content is in terms of effort, planning and dedication. We read blogs and dreamed of writing articles like those. We watched videos and dreamed of making videos like those. But after creating such content, you may realize that you do not enjoy creating content. You prefer to consume, that's okay.

I started a YouTube channel last year, but realized that I prefer consuming videos instead haha. There's nothing wrong with being a consumer. It just means it may not be for you.

And this does not mean you will never be able to start your own blog. People constantly change and someday when you're really up for it, you can try again and be a power blogger. I, too, was a consumer for many years before finally deciding to start my blogging journey.

5. You are not involved in communities

If you want to own a successful blog, you need to engage with your readers and your community. I have friends who are interested in blogging but do not have interest to connect or engage in social media.

Building a blog is about building a reader base. Without social media presence, it would be difficult for your blog to stand out in the long run. Thus, if you are someone who prefers learning solo and do not really think about engaging in various communities, growing a blog may become a tedious journey.


If you do want to be a part of a community, but do not have one that you feel you belong to, I would recommend Hashnode. It's an amazing community with diverse people in tech and people from all walks of life. You can join their Discord to start connecting with the people there.


Blogging is definitely something I would recommend every developer to do. But of course, it is not for everyone. I hope this article explains the realities of blogging and that it takes much effort to grow and reap benefits from a successful blog.

Some amazing blogs I love are:

So be sure to check them out! Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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