A Father's Day gift from a Developer

A Father's Day gift from a Developer

Hello, today's post is special. Not really suitable for the public Hashnode community to see so I'm only posting this to my personal blog here.

Happy Father's Day!

If you are a father or a soon-to-be-father and you happen to miraculously find this post, I just wanna give a huge shoutout of gratefulness and thanks to you! I hope you feel blessed on this very day and do not forget how special you are~

Every year on this special day, I would thank my parents and gave them presents as a token of my appreciation. Right now, unfortunately, my parents are living in a different continent from me. And because of the current situation, they can't come to visit me as planned so I haven't seen them since November last year.

But that doesn't stop me from giving my father a gift this year!

A Gift from a Developer

So as a web developer, I made a simple website dedicated to him as a gift. It's my first time making a website as a gift haha.


  • Homepage has pictures and quotes about him
  • Next, a message for him (confidential)
  • Then, some fun facts to celebrate his dorkiness
  • And finally, sending lots of love from my side of the world to his


Exhibit A: Pictures and quotes for him



Exhibit B: FAQs/Fun facts about him I know that is goofy and funny



Exhibit C: Last but not least, sending lots of hearts with a gif!


If you are reading this, Dad

Hey dad! You are never really good with technology and the internet. But if somehow, you managed to find this blog by a miracle, I will reward you with a year's worth of tech support (from me). Hahaha!

Disclaimer: If I ended up being your tech support gal and can't solve your tech problems, please ask a professional and don't blame me ><

With Love, Vicky