Hashnode: What Sets It Apart From the Rest

Hashnode: What Sets It Apart From the Rest

Why this is the most inspiring and innovative start-up I know

First, let me start off with a disclaimer. This is not a sponsored post, but a heartfelt gratitude to the most inspiring start-up I have known.

It was May 2020. At that time. I was still a freelancer looking for a community and a platform to learn from others and share my knowledge. It was when the pandemic escalated to something beyond what we expected. Our lives have all been affected one way or another.

Then I discovered Hashnode and ever since then, I have not stopped publishing articles on this platform and watched it grow into what it is today. Here's why Hashnode is the most inspiring start-up to me.

No one feels like an outsider

Before the pandemic, I could never imagine I would find a community where I felt like I can just express myself freely and connect with like-minded people.

It usually takes time for me to be an active participant in a community. Before Hashnode, I could not stay in an online community for long. I would lurk and sort of be a passive member until I would finally leave.

What sets Hashnode apart is that it is not merely a blogging platform. It also has one of the most inclusive and supportive community members I've ever come across.

New members can connect on Discord, and every Hashnode team member is visible and approachable, whether it is on their social media or Discord. It's not a faceless start-up company, but a company with real individuals you can talk to.


Upon joining this community, you will not feel like an outsider, but a welcomed individual, who everyone would love to get to know and learn from.

A Leader in Building A Community

Forbes' councils member, Francois Devillez stated that "Companies should not build an audience, but a community." The reason is that an 'audience' is passive while a 'community' actively talks and engages with your product.

I think one of the most inspiring aspects about Hashnode is their primary principle of building a community, instead of an audience. I remember having many great conversations with the people I have connected through this platform.

From hackathons and writing contests to feature requests, Hashnode has created a culture that is community-driven with active engagement. And it has accomplished this extremely well, more than any other community that I have joined.

Empowering individuals

Many blogging platforms exist before Hashnode but how many of them actually go above and beyond to empower their writers?

Not only does Hashnode spent a great deal of resources to promote articles on various social media, they also made sure to spotlight the writers too.

And the team is aware that no one starts out as an expert writer, so they organize bootcamps where we can learn from the more experienced writers and begin our writing journeys more smoothly.

Hashnode is a community, but it also ensures that every individual is heard. Their Discord channel is the perfect place to leave feedback, ask questions and discuss writing topics. Any type of support you need to help you with your blogging journey, Hashnode has it.


The most astounding factor of what sets Hashnode apart from other dev blogging platforms is how it constantly evolves and innovates.

As a user of over 2 years, I can confidently recommend Hashnode to any developer who's interested in blogging. Onboarding is a smooth and sleek experience. Its UI/UX have changed over the years, but in a good way because it keeps getting better.

Seeing how Hashnode has rapidly grown in the past 2 years reminded me of this quote by Steve Jobs:

“Customers don’t know what they want until you show them.”

And this quote described Hashnode's innovations. For example, before this current minimalistic editor (see image below), I thought the writing experience was already pretty good, and I have zero complaints.


When Hashnode released this distraction-free and clean writing editor, I didn't know that that was what I needed. It was better. Just better. I have forgotten what the previous editor was like, and I don't think I can go back to that. This company is a prime example of innovating and delivering features that the user didn't know they want and need.


Ultimately, watching the growth and evolution of Hashnode as a start-up to this blogging powerhouse platform has been inspiring and a delight.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Hashnode team for their dedication, creativity and hard work. I hope that as a platform and as a community, Hashnode can continue to grow, inspire and achieve new heights!

Thanks for reading my week 2 article for the #4articles4weeks challenge. See you next week! Cheers!

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