Is Tech Blogging still relevant in 2024?

Is Tech Blogging still relevant in 2024?

Should you start a tech blog in 2024?

Having written many blog articles for over 3 years now, I am often asked by my readers: Should I start a tech blog now? How do I grow my audience in 2024?

Hello everyone! Welcome to another article on Victoria's Blogging Tips, a series dedicated to helping new bloggers overcome common challenges in blogging. In this article, let me answer the question: Is tech blogging still relevant in 2024?

Analyzing 'Relevant'

To answer this question, let us first understand what it means to be 'relevant'. Here's the official definition from Oxford:

relevant: appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances; of contemporary interest.

Technology itself is a broad and dynamic field, constantly evolving and shaping the way we live and work. Similarly, the way we consume information has also undergone a transformation. Social media platforms, podcast channels, and video streaming services have grown in popularity, offering alternative means of engaging with tech-related content.

So, what does this mean for tech bloggers? How can they adapt to the changing shifts to grow quickly? Let's explore!

The Impact of chatGPT

With the rise of AI in 2023, chatGPT as well as other similar AI writing assistants has drastically changed the game, making writing articles easier but introducing a hint of staleness. With everyone trying to emulate AI's concise, efficient style, the uniqueness of human expression sometimes ends up being overshadowed. I've read more and more in the last year that sounds like an AI has written it.

Personally, I have no issues with that, as long as the content is valuable. However, if you want to become a tech blogger who has a personal brand, then developing a writing style different from an AI can make your articles stand out.

Therefore, having chatGPT as a writing tool can lower barriers to entry for new bloggers who are still learning how to write effectively. However, the tool should not entirely replace the human touch that can be subtly expressed through language.

In the introduction, I briefly mentioned the growth of alternative content consumption methods within the tech community. Despite this, writing blogs remains a top choice for developers seeking to learn how to code.

According to the StackOverflow's 2023 Developer Survey, written mediums such as technical documentation, blogs and written tutorials are among the top 5 preferred way to learn. Of course, How-to videos also came in top 5 so it depends on what kind of medium you would prefer to create content in.

So, if you are wondering whether blogging is still relevant in 2024, the short answer to that would be "Yes". The long answer would depend on you and your goals. Let's analyze some benefits to starting a tech blog.

Why you should start blogging today

1. Easier to get started

When comparing blogging, podcasting, or creating video content, producing written articles is generally much easier than the other two options. After all, you just need to create an account on any Best Blogging Platforms and start publishing articles.

The only skill you would need is writing and perhaps time management. For audio or video content, you would need more skills, tools and even equipment to get started.

2. Build a community

If you are considering to start building a community in 2024, then a blog would be a great way to start. This is because tech blogging is not just you sharing technical how-tos or new tools, it also opens up conversations and discussions in the community on tech topics you are interested in. Essentially, a tech blog serves as a platform where you and your community can engage with one another.

5 Examples Of Community Success Measurements - National Volunteer And  Philanthropy Centre

3. Create deep & valuable content

One of the strengths of tech blogging is its capacity to deliver in-depth analysis and extensive coverage of complex topics. While social media may provide bite-sized updates or news, writing blogs require a deeper exploration of subjects. You would be able to learn and provide more insights than short-form types of content, creating deeper and more valuable content.

I think this might be why blogs continue to be a valuable resource for those looking to understand the intricacies of emerging technologies, programming languages, or the latest gadgets, as shown in the StackOverflow's 2023 Developer Survey.

4. Easy to repurpose

Another compelling reason to start tech blogging in 2024 is the art of content repurposing. Bloggers can seamlessly transform their comprehensive articles into bite-sized, shareable content tailor-made for social media platforms.

On the other hand, creating a whole article from social media posts might be a challenge.

How can you increase blog traffic in 2024?

Now that we've covered why blogging is still relevant in 2024 and why you might want to start a blog today, let's dive into how can you grow your blog's audience.

Staying ahead in the tech world requires a keen eye for trends. Identifying emerging technologies, programming languages, or industry shifts gives your blog an edge.

What is trend forecasting, and why is it relevant for my brand?

Don't be afraid to share your unique perspectives or outlook on a certain tool/framework once you've tried it; or share insights that go beyond the tech landscape, such as developer productivity or your own personal experiences.

2. Be Authentic

Going back to my point on using AI tools like ChatGPT, while they can assist in generating ideas or paragraphs of your articles, your personal touch is irreplaceable.

Once again, develop a writing style that shows readers your distinct brand. Share your experiences, challenges, and victories. Narrate your journey with different tools, frameworks, and package managers, providing a genuine account that resonates with readers in a way that artificial intelligence simply cannot replicate.

3. Craft Shareable Content

Creating content that is not only valuable but also shareable is a surefire way to increase blog traffic. You can write tutorials, how-to guides, and informative articles that your audience finds useful and is eager to share with their network. This establishes your blog as a go-to resource, attracting new visitors organically.

How to Create Shareable Content on Social Media - Ampfluence | #1 Instagram  Growth Service

4. SEO Mastery

This would be a continuous process; do not underestimate the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Make sure your article's title and headers include relevant keywords, your content contains meta tags, and descriptions to enhance your blog's visibility on search engines.

5. Share, Share, Share

Leverage the power of social media platforms to amplify your blog's reach. Share your content across various channels and engage with your audience. Also, syndicating your articles to other blogging channels will increase your blog's visibility.

6. Consistency

Consistency is key. Establish a regular posting schedule to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Whether it's weekly updates, bi-weekly posts, or a monthly article, a consistent posting schedule helps build anticipation and loyalty among your readers.

Why consistency is a must-have skill for success - SAFETY4SEA

7. Connect with Fellow Bloggers

Tech blogging is about sharing knowledge with the community, and therefore it is good to connect with other bloggers and read their blogs. Hashnode's recent recommendation feature allows you to recommend other tech blogs to your readers. By building good connections with other bloggers, they can, in turn, recommend your blog to their readers too.

Furthermore, you can exchange ideas, share insights, and support one another. Building a network within the tech blogging community not only expands your reach but also provides valuable connections and collaborations.


So, should you start a blog in 2024? In conclusion, tech blogging remains not only relevant but resilient in 2024. The answer to start or not will be up to you. All I've written are my personal thoughts based on the experience I have. Having a blog is absolutely a solid way to create your personal brand and platform.

If this article is insightful in any way, do give a like and share. Feel free to also share your thoughts on tech blogging in the comments below! Thanks for reading! If you are a blogger already, all the best to your writing journey in 2024! Happy new year and cheers!

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