Top 3 Resources to Learn Data Structures & Algorithms

Top 3 Resources to Learn Data Structures & Algorithms

Do you wish to be a pro in Data Structures & Algorithms? Here are my recommended resources!

Data Structures are the building blocks of software development, and Algorithms are the efficient methodologies to solve certain programming problems. Learning Data Structures and Algorithms have always been one of the most essential concepts to learn as a software developer.

For cracking coding interviews with imminent product-based companies like the FAANG companies, it is inevitable to learn and solidify your foundations in Data Structures and Algorithms.

But the best part of learning Data Structures and Algorithms is not for cracking the coding interviews, it is that this knowledge will never be outdated, and the concepts you learn will help you grow as a developer in the long run.

In this article, I'd like to introduce my top 3 resources to learn Data Structures and Algorithms.

1. W3Schools - Data Structures & Algorithm Blog

The first on the list is the series of blog articles at W3Schools, a popular free site to get started learning the concepts.


The algorithms are mostly taught in C++, so I recommend it to those who are familiar with this language at an intermediate to advanced level.

Since it is a blog, it is entirely self-paced, and you can refer back to it whenever you need a quick refresher. If you are a total beginner in Data Structures and Algorithms, this may not be a good start because I find the articles more like a summary/revision notes rather than ones with detailed explanation.

I do like that the articles are simple to follow and well-organized. Also, sometimes I find text format is quicker to digest and learn.

Here's the link to view the track if you are interested.

2. freeCodeCamp - Data Structures Easy to Advanced

If you prefer to learn without the stress of handing in assignments and doing quizzes, freeCodeCamp offers this 8-hour video that you can watch and learn basic to advanced data structures.


You will learn stacks, linked lists, queues, hash tables and more. The course is taught in Java, so you will learn how to implement these data structures in Java code. An intermediate knowledge in Java is required.

While this course focuses mostly on data structures, you will be exposed to common algorithms such as Kruskal's Algorithm or hashing algorithms. The course is easy to follow for beginners to advanced learners.

Since it is a video, it is entirely free and self-paced, and you can go back to review the concepts anytime. So if you're looking for a more detailed revision with a low time commitment, this could be a better option.

If you are interested, feel free to visit the link here.

However, remember that watching a video to learn is a passive way of learning so to make it stick, you will still need to practice the concepts you learn by coding.

3. GeeksforGeeks - Data Structures and Algorithms

Last but certainly not least, we have the Data Structures and Algorithms from GeeksforGeeks. If you are aiming to get into a big tech company, this is a recommended option for you.


This course is taught in C++ and Java, by the most credible and distinguished educators in India along with a team of experts. Also, its syllabus gets updated frequently as per new industry norms. Even if you are a complete beginner, you will have no problem following along because the course starts from the basics.

For example, I find the way the instructor explained asymptotic analysis with examples and clear step-by-step explanations very easy to understand! I also like how it's not just about watching videos, but it also provides many practice problems asked by top tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, etc. and help you become an efficient developer. There are supplementary articles you can read and assessment tests to track learning and practising on real-world projects for application-based learning.


They also have forums that you can post to ask questions. If you have any questions or help while enrolling in the course, you can access their 24/7 'doubt support', which is one-on-one and can be used to solve any doubts and problems on any topic via chat, telephonic and video calling as well.

Another benefit of this course includes lifetime access, and a course completion certificate which is industry accepted and acknowledged by the top tech giants.

What you will learn:

  1. Master DSA from basic to advanced level
  2. How to solve problems which are asked in product-based companies
  3. Solve problems in contests similar to coding round for SDE role
  4. How to become a strong and efficient developer
  5. Practice DSA concepts with a real time project (Sudoku Solver)

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A perfect course for everyone may not exist, but there is a perfect course for you. I hope this list helps you narrow down some platforms where you can learn and get started building your foundation in programming.

Thanks for reading! I wish you all the best in your learning journey. If you know any other good courses you have taken, feel free to let me know in the comments below. Cheers!

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