365 Days of Hashnode: How I Overcome Imposter's Syndrome

A special article to celebrate a year of blogging at Hashnode!

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Hello everyone! Today's article is a special one, because a year ago on this date, I published my first article at Hashnode! Thank you to everyone who wished me happy 1-year anniversary in advance!


A special thank you to Mr. Unity Buddy for this wonderful GIF as a gift! You're so sweet! ❤️

So I would like to dedicate this article to my fellow readers and bloggers. Thank you for the support, I'm always grateful that I get to be a part of this community even when we're miles away~

Without further ado, let me share what I have learned from 365 days blogging at Hashnode and how these lessons have helped me overcome imposter's syndrome.

My Experience with Imposter's Syndrome

Becoming a developer from a self-taught background brought about a lot of challenges I had to overcome. One of them is feeling like I never belong in the tech community and that I won't be able to find a job that I love in tech. So I decided to start blogging, to reinforce my learnings and record my progress. But that impose another form of imposter's syndrome. This time, it's about my writing skills.

I never considered myself as a great writer. I have friends who majored in English and they wrote amazingly. When I first started to blog, I felt like the journey I am about to take will be long and arduous, perhaps even impossible.

Although I have received praises and even got publishers to publish my work on Medium, I just felt like I don't deserve it, it was just luck. I felt this for a very long time and in May 20 2020, I found Hashnode. And I didn't expect that I would learn so much by blogging on this platform.

A Year at Hashnode: How to Overcome Imposter's Syndrome

1. Never Compare Yourself to Anyone

It is easy to be intimidated when you first arrived at an unfamiliar platform. You think everyone is an amazing writer and too perfect that there's no point for you to write your own articles. That was what I thought when I first arrived at Hashnode.

But after just a few months publishing on Hashnode, I realized a few things:

  • Every blog is different and unique, it is simply impossible to compare
  • We cannot know everything. Even the most experienced programmer can say "I don't know" and it's okay.
  • Like how every blog is different, every programmer is also different. We are people after all. We have different backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, habits, cultures and values ingrained within us.

Hence, whether it's programming or blogging, there's no reason to compare yourself with others.


These realizations shed some light into the misconceptions I had about my own knowledge and what I think others know. The reality is that everyone has their own strengths and unique insights. At the end of the day, you should only compare with yourself and your own progress, not with others.

2. Build Confidence, And Competence Will Follow

Learning anything is difficult if you don't believe you can do it. A negative mindset will more likely result in poor motivation and slow learning growth.

Many readers have asked me how they can start writing if they are no good at it. I usually tell them this:

I don't start writing because I'm good at it. I start so that I can be better at it.

Have a positive growth mindset and build confidence as you progress.

No one starts out as a brilliant writer or a genius developer. Everyone starts from level zero, and it is up to you to be confident in yourself, stay motivated and level up as you go.

Confidence vs. Competence

The problem is, as you build up your confidence and competence, you may start experiencing another form of imposter's syndrome.

Mr.Unity Buddy had a very interesting article about the confidence vs. competence gap. This gap is often overlooked by the individual experiencing it.


As seen from the image above, we can get imposter's syndrome when our perceived abilities is lower than our actual abilities. We feel like there's so many things that we don't know and reached a slump in our confidence level.

A good way I found in combating this is to remind yourself of the accomplishments you've achieved so far. At the time of publishing this article, I have written 121 articles in a year. Seeing my past articles on Hashnode reminds me of how much I have improved since then and that helped me regain some confidence in myself whenever I experience the syndrome.

So it's important to record your progress because whenever you lost some confidence in yourself, it is a good way to look back and celebrate your accomplishments so far.

3. Consistency matters, a lot

There's a famous saying: "If you don't use it, you lose it." And from my experience, this saying is true, in everything.

In blogging, you have to keep writing and honing those skills to be better. It's difficult to improve if you don't practice it consistently.


It's the same for programming. Some acquaintances of mine were once software engineer interns at big companies like Microsoft and after 6 months of not coding, they have gotten significantly rusty.

Blogging at Hashnode taught me resilience and the power of consistency, which helped me overcome my imposter's syndrome when I first started writing. Even if I feel like I'm bad at writing, I'll just have to keep writing as frequently as I can and improve.

4. Engage with the community

Before I started blogging at Hashnode, I would never dream that I could:

  • Start using social media
  • Interact with many wonderful and diverse people online
  • Be an active member of a community

These are things I never usually do. As an introvert, the thought of meeting new strangers and making friends online feels so strange and out of place for me. But this is what Hashnode has taught me: to engage with the community.

Not only did this helped me become a better writer and person overall, it also gave me a wonderful and supportive community to lean on.

A common cause of Imposter's Syndrome is feeling that you do not belong in a group. You feel like an outsider, a fake, an imposter.

Surrounding myself with people who inspire me and gave me a lots of positive energy helped me get rid of the anxiety and doubts I have. Through blogging, I have received all kinds of feedback, both positive and constructive. These feedbacks always remind me that there is a community I belong to who care enough to provide such helpful and kind comments to help me grow.


Ultimately, my imposter's syndrome shrinks to non-existence as I felt like I am a part of this huge warm-hearted family in Hashnode.

5. Progress Over Perfection

This may be the life-changing lesson for me after blogging at Hashnode. I've been a perfectionist my whole life.

This gave me so much pressure on myself and I often find that I will criticize myself on the smallest mistakes or issues I found in my writing or code.

But the culture at Hashnode celebrates progress. Look at the numerous writing challenges they have or the fact that the platform itself is constantly upgrading and celebrating every new feature they shipped. Or the small wins they mention in your feed to celebrate your progress with you.


Slowly, I learned to celebrate my own progress too, big or small, and let go of the harsh critic and perfectionistic side of myself.

I admit, there are still occasional situations when my perfectionism will emerge and I can't help but to criticize at my own work. It's a long-time habit, so it will disappear slowly with conscious effort and reminders.

After 365 Days...

Hashnode is not just a blogging platform, it is a community. And interacting with people in the community has taught me some life-changing lessons to overcome imposter's syndrome.

After 365 days of blogging, I have met some amazing devs and writers such as Catalin Pit, Tapas Adhikary, Chris Bongers, Favourite Jome, Sunrit Jana, Anita Ihuman, Edidiong Asikpo, Ruth Ikegah, Megha Pathak, Mr.Unity Buddy and of course, the Hashnode team!

Just like these incredible people, I will continue to blog to my heart's content and be a better contributor, more active member in this community! Thank you so much for reading this special article and thank you to the Hashnode team for always working hard and putting their writers first. All the best, stay safe and cheers!

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Shlok Dungrani's photo

Congratulations Victoria Lo🎉. Your articles are amazing and inspires me.

Sunrit Jana's photo

Whoa! 🤩 I can't believe being among so many people! But first, The article was awesome and inspiring 😊 Loved it so much :D Looking forward to more! And everyone mentioned inspire me so much, I can't still believe, that I'm mentioned! Thank you so much 🥺🥺 You also missed someone in the list, YOU! You deserve to be among the best people 200%

Well written, Keep it up 👏👏

Victoria Lo's photo

Thank you so much Sunrit! For being a part of this huge community and being a role model! Haha thanks for mentioning me back 😊 Let's both work hard to give back to our community~

Tapas Adhikary's photo

One year already! Time flies fast.

Thank you, Victoria, for being such an inspiration and a valued friend. I wish you many more * 365 days of incredible content creation ahead.

Victoria Lo's photo

Yes, I can't believe it's been a year. You were one of the first writers I discovered on Hashnode and I immediately became a fan since then 😊

And now we're friends! What an incredible honour for me! Keep up the amazing work Tapas Adhikary! You've been a wonderful role model to this community! Stay safe and awesome ❤️

Mr.Unity Buddy's photo

What a amazing journey Victoria Lo! The work you have done in a year is incredible! I'm very happy to be in the amazing people you've met.(It is insane! I found Hashnode 2 months ago) And I didn't know I'm so sweet. Thanks for telling me that! ❤️❤️

Again, Happy Anniversary! 🎊

Victoria Lo's photo

Hey Mr.Unity Buddy, yes you're a sweet and special friend I made on Hashnode! Keep writing awesome articles! 😊 And thank you so much for being a loyal reader and the giving me the GIF! I was very touched ❤️

Chris Bongers's photo

Wow, congrats on your one year of blogging! Well done, love to read your articles. And thanks for the mention, keep your articles coming.

Victoria Lo's photo

Happy to have met you on Hashnode, Chris! Your blog was very impactful and a huge motivator for me when I first started! Keep inspiring and all the best 😊

Syed Fazle Rahman's photo

Congrats, Victoria Lo. 🙌

Your blog is a gold mine for every dev blogger. Full of useful tips and advice. Keep up the good work.

Victoria Lo's photo

Thank you so much Syed! I'm really glad to have found Hashnode and witness the team leading this platform to greatness 🙏🙏

Sai Ansul's photo

Congratulations Victoria Lo!! Your amazing articles keep encouraging the new beginners like me, btw, Happy Anniversary !

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks Sai! All the best to your journey 😊

Sai Ansul's photo

Thank you so much!Victoria Lo

Catalin Pit's photo

You rock, Victoria Lo! You're one of the best writers I've come across! 👏

Hashnode is lucky to have you!

P.S: Thank you for the mention! 🙏

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks Catalin! You've been an amazing friend and incredible inspiration to me from the beginning! I'm very lucky to have met you via Hashnode😊

Megha Pathak's photo

Each of your articles is a masterpiece in itself 🌟

I am glad and happy to see you completing 365 days with a community that loves you!

Keep inspiring people with your insightful and amazing work and content Victoria Lo 🎉

You rock! 🤗

Victoria Lo's photo

Girl, you rock too 😊 Thanks for being a part of Hashnode! I seriously would never have met an awesome friend like you if it weren't for this community ❤️

Favourite Jome's photo

Wow! it's a year already, Congratulations Victoria Lo. Also thanks for mentioning me, among a list of awesome writers, I'm grateful 😊.

Keep on inspiring us, with your awesome articles, Cheers 🤩

Victoria Lo's photo

Thank you, Favourite Jome! You deserve being mentioned! Your hard work has truly paid off and watching you grow has been a delight for me ❤️

Keep it up, you're doing great!

Tracy Nuwagaba's photo

Congratulations 🎉. I love your articles. They are so detailed and are beginner friendly 😍 Keep up the good work 💪 cheers too

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks Tracy! I've been enjoying a lot from your writing as well ❤️ You're an amazing writer! I've just followed and I can't wait to read more from you soon 😊

Andrew Baisden's photo

This was super inspirational Victoria Lo! Another home run good article 👏

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks Andrew! 😊 Cheers and all the best to you, my friend!

Mohamed Hegab's photo

I really loved the article and I will start writing to be in the community and share my knowledge. Thanks, Victoria

Victoria Lo's photo

Wow thanks! 😊 Yes, please write Mohamed Hegab! I'm looking forward to read your articles!

Ruth Ikegah's photo

COngratulations Victoria Lo! You are such an amazing and consistent writer. I am so glad I know you!

Anita Ihuman  's photo

I learnt a lot from your writing and your dedication to exchanging information. Congratulations.

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks Anita! I definitely can say the same thing: learnt so much from your writing. You're one of the first female bloggers on Hashnode I followed ❤️

Bhargav J's photo

🤩 wow , this is inspiring! Signed up couple of days back , passively looking for content to start blogging! This sure is a start for me! Thank you for the article!

Victoria Lo's photo

You're welcome Bhargav J! If you ever need any help or questions to start your blogging journey, don't hesitate to shoot me an email 😊

Ayu Adiati's photo

Congratulations, Victoria Lo! Your blogs are really informative and inspiring! ❤ And cheers to my fellow self-taught developers 🍻

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

You've always been an inspiration from day 1. Thanks for consistently sharing knowledge with the developer community Victoria Lo.

You are amazing!

Ayush Raj's photo

Congratulations to you . 1 year of hard work can be seen in your posts. Keep it up.

Apoorv Tyagi's photo

Congrats Victoria Lo on your 1-year anniversary😀

Your blogs are really informative! I love reading your articles :)

Vijay Kulkarni's photo

It is inspiring and helps to build confidence in people like me who really keep on comparing with others and feel insecure about our own abilities

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This is great Victoria Lo Congratulations. Thank you for sharing.

Corina Ferencz's photo

Congrats Victoria Lo! Inspiring article! 😊

Ahmed Sadman Muhib's photo

Great article!

Oluka Isaac's photo

welldone and congratulations Victoria Lo. reading your article again keep me refreshing.

Shaima Haque's photo

This is really inspiring! Your blogs are always so useful. I read them even when I don't know anything about the topic😄.

Congratulations on 365 Days!

Victoria Lo's photo

Aww thanks Shaima! 😄

Ankur Tyagi's photo

You rock, Victoria, You're one of the best writers I've come across on Hashnode... Keep up the good work.. I wish you more & more success.

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks so much! I'll keep doing my best! Wish you all the best too! 😄

Shreyans Jain's photo

Congrats Victoria Lo. Keep doing the good work!

Anand Vaidyanathan's photo

That's a terrific article, Victoria! Well done and congratulations on completing a year with Hashnode. You are such an inspiration to the community! Keep em coming! Cheers to more milestones

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks Anand! 🤩 And thank you for being a huge part in bringing Hashnode to new heights!

Claire Yu's photo

Wow 👏 Congrats!

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks Claire! ❤️

Kieran Roberts's photo

Congratulations Victoria Lo. I can relate to a lot of the things you mention in the article and I'm happy it's gone so well for you!!

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks Kieran! Wishing you all the best too 😊

Mayank Pathak's photo

Great to hear that🤗 Victoria Lo Keep up the great work, Your articles helps a lot of people Cheers🥂 to this day!

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks Mayank! Best of luck to your learning journey! Cheers to you, my friend 🥂

Soham Dixit's photo

Even I have started blogging since 16 may 2021, and after reading this I am getting confidence and a great push up. Thank you for beautiful article 🤗

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks Soham Dixit! You'll do amazing! Record your progress and you'll see how much you've learnt by 16 May 2022 😊

Neha Badiani's photo

heyy, I guess we share our first-post on Hashnode anniversary! It felt so good to read about your journey here over the whole year, makes me feel not alone and keeps me motivated! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

I published my very first blog on this platform on 20th May as well, hopefully I'll be able to call myself part of a community as well :) good luck!

Victoria Lo's photo

Awesome! Yes, let's celebrate our anniversary together next year 😊😊 And yes, you're already part of this community~ So feel free to keep publishing as many articles you want and interact with fellow writers!

Aspiiire's photo

First, congratulations, second, I want to let you know that I found hashnode thanks to one of your articles and when I saw your article I was impressed on how well written it was, third, thank you so much for this fantastic article cause not only helps with your suggestions but it inspire to take action and to do more 😁

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks for all your kind words! 🙏

vxhlogs's photo

Congratulations on your first year Victoria Lo🥳 Your consistency is such a great example! Insightful one as always.

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks! Hope you're doing well 😊😊

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Congratulations Victoria Lo🎉 for Completing your 1 Year at hashnode . Your articles are really amazing and make interest to read more .... I'm just new on Hashnode and with the help & feedbacks of the community I can improve my skills and wish to have amazing friends...

❤Glad to see you here, You rock !😍